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Hari - Your Happiness Coach
Hari combines his life wisdom with meditation, visualization, and ancient Eastern philosophy to help you discover happiness within you. His deep understanding of how the human mind works makes him an effective Happiness Coach.


Anandadhara /ɑːn̪əndəd̪ɑːrə/ : Flow of Bliss, Stream of Happiness,Effortless Flow, Eternal Presence, State where Existence merges with consciousness and bliss

The meaning of the Sanskrit word Ananda is Bliss. Bliss is the culmination of Happiness. Anandadhara can thus be translated as the “Flow of Happiness”.
Happiness is not a rare occurring. It is a muscle we build. A way of life. A practice. And you need to learn it. Like acquiring a new skill.
Anandadhara is a unique happiness initiative by Hari to help people become happier and better in a chaotic stressful world.
A happy person is successful in career, relationships, and all other aspects of life. Happiness is a habit. We all deserve happiness. Then why shouldn’t we go for it?
The hindrance to our happiness is our mind. The mind acts as per the instructions from two sources.
Genetic memory is where our human traits are deeply stored. It separates us from the animals. That is the powerhouse where all our cultural attributes are embedded in. This is truly distinctive for humans.
The second source is the characteristics of the mind attributed to our immediate experiences. The mind operates based on the inputs it receives from the information our brain accumulated over a period of time.
If we could observe the modifications of the mind and take a different vantage point to observe it, our actions will change and the results of those actions will take us to the realm of happiness and success. That makes us superhuman.
The aim of Anandadhara is to inculcate the culture of happiness in you.

Happiness is your life-multiplier

Happiness Cult

Happiness is the default state of being. This state is covered with opaque layers of our Karmic Samskara (results of accumulated unwanted actions). Once the karmic plaque is removed, we get into the eternal state of joy called Dhara. As said in Upanishad, Happiness is covered with the golden lid, which draws one into the never-ending loop of suffering. Open the cover, which hides happiness through meditation and various methods of taming the mind.

Path to Peace

Peace starts from within. Individual peace is transformed into universal peace. Bhagavad Gita says that one should see all living beings in her and her in all living beings (6:29). Individual Ego is the biggest hindrance to peace. This is true at all levels – from family to organizations and on a macro level to world peace. One day the entire humanity will be ready spiritually, morally, socially for the reign of universal happiness and peace. Let us start this campaign from within each one of us.

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Success flow 

Success and happiness go together. Happiness leads to success. Happy people experience positive emotions, which prompt them to be more likely to work actively toward new goals and build new resources. In short, happiness dictates your success and personal growth. The primary tool for cultivating success habit is to reduce the Ego. Meditation and custom made mind taming exercises can project one into the Dhara (flow) where success and growth come effortlessly.

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