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Courses for Corporates

Anandadhara offers custom made Spiritually enriched experiential and integrated corporate training programmes. The work demand of the employee is getting more and more complex in a challenging and dynamic environment. Burnout and disengagement are very rampant in the modern organisational system which leads to unhealthy cultures and disengagement with fellow employees. The ecalpkrow%40adnana program is aimed at creating a happy work atmosphere by creating inner harmony for the employee. The program work on developing teams with resilience and adaptive solutions.  The program is designed for employees at a complex working environment to conduct their work effortlessly to maximise the efficiency. 


The program is custom made for your organisation, but will generally contain the following topics : 

• Sustainable Mindfulness training for Stress Relief including meditation, yoga and breathing exercises• Sensory Input filtering training through Sensory meditation techniques of ancient Indian Gurus• Methods to keep one’s ego at check• Techniques to get into the Ananda state (Flow) for effortless work• Methods to enhance social connection within and outside the organisation• Techniques to enhance one’s Emotional Intelligence


Regular courses on the following subjects shall be available online 


Meditation Courses

We are trapped in the never-ending feedback loop of the mind. We are marionettes controlled by our minds. Meditation helps us view the mind from a neutral vantage point, thus enabling us to get out of the mind’s eternal feedback loop. At anandadhara, we teach various meditations to suit the person’s temperament and interacting atmosphere.


Stress Relief

Live a stress free life. Stress is nothing but anxiety about the future. Meditation, together with breathing exercises and Ego regulating methods, helps you to maintain the stress at a positive level. Ego plays a significant role in creating stress. This course teaches you how to get into the Dhara (flow) where there the Ego falls away.



Live a life of hyper success in every sphere of your life. Identify your true potential by aligning yourself with your true self. Get into the effortless Dhara (flow), which brings in whatever you desire in life. This course makes you discover the secrets of successful living by adapting ancient eastern meditation methods and tap into the Universe’s oneness.


Relationship mending

Happiness is the default state of mind. When the mind becomes settled and clear, it returns to its default state of bliss. Ego is the enemy of happiness. This course helps you shift your being from existential to experiential by managing emotions and reducing the Ego’s size.